How to Enjoy your Caviar !

Few foods have captured the luxury market quite like caviar.

Similarly, few foods inspire as much confusion. What kind is the best? Why are certain types of caviar so much more expensive than others? And what is the best way to eat it?
With that in mind, the complete guide on how to buy and eat caviar.
Where Caviar Comes From
The sturgeon fish, sometimes referred to as a “living fossil” is where caviar traditionally comes from. Three species of the sturgeon, as mentioned below, supply most of the world’s caviar.

  • the beluga,
  • osetra,
  • sevruga

These species of sturgeon live in the Caspian Sea. Because of decades of overfishing, sturgeon has become increasingly scarce, and because of that other kinds of roe have become increasingly popular.
It’s important to note that caviar from other types of fish, such as salmon, is not considered “true” caviar. And because of that, brands selling other kinds of caviar must label it accordingly. For example, a tin containing salmon roe must read “salmon caviar” not just “caviar.”